Working And Living Successfully With Stress, Pressure And Change

This one-day management training course is focused on giving participants ‘time out’ to help them understand the pressures that can be generated by organisational change, and recognise their own and other’s behaviour when working through change. We will also be examining the physical and emotional signs of stress and adopting actions to help manage those pressures. There… Read More »

Speed To Competency

How to optimize your new recruits’ commercial and personal potential In-Company Course Overview This one-day course provides a new and dynamic approach to induction.  By using a structured, innovative and integrated process new recruits are brought up to speed much faster than standard induction methods, so optimising your return on investment. [Geoads2] Speed to Competency… Read More »

Project Management Skills

This management training course introduces executives, managers and their teams to techniques recognised as best practice project management. The course is focused on the important issues of time, value and performance. Participants will practice the skills of project management using case studies and their own work examples. Peer group feedback will be encouraged, coupled with tutor-led reviews.… Read More »

Problem Solving and Decision Making Tips

Today we are required to make decisions and solve problems quickly. The rapidly changing internal and external situation is constantly creating new success criteria, constraints and options. We can no longer rely on ‘gut instinct’ and precedent for creative and effective solutions and ideas. As more people become involved in decision-making and problem-solving, we must… Read More »

Negotiation Skills For Managers

This management training course will enable participants to practice and learn the basic principles of positive negotiation for all contexts. The course is a blend of presentations, self-analysis, exercises and group discussion. [Geoads2] Who Should Attend The course is designed for those who are new to negotiation or who want to refresh their skills and review their overall effectiveness… Read More »

Marketing Your Skills Successfully

This one day course is designed to help employees exiting your business to begin their job search confidently.  It is run along workshop lines allowing all participants to bring along their existing job search collateral so they can work on it in real time with active support.  The workshop encourages further networking between the participants… Read More »

Managing Winning Relationships

This highly interactive management training course helps people develop more productive working relationships. Great emphasis is placed on the development of self-awareness. The tone of the course is always constructive and supportive. By the end of the course, participants will have achieved greater self-awareness coupled with the ability to maximise results gained through improving their interpersonal skills. Who Should… Read More »

Tips For Managing The Appraisal Interview

This practical management training course will provide participants with the key skills needed to manage an effective appraisal interview. It will look at the role of managers within the appraisal process and provide clear understanding of their responsibilities in developing the effectiveness of their people. Who Should Attend Managers who, as part of their job roles, carry out… Read More »

Tips For Managing Discipline, Grievance And Dismissal

Handling discipline, grievance and dismissal issues needs to be done professionally and confidently and is one part of the manager’s role which can cause the most concern. If the issues are handled effectively they can aid employee motivation but handled incorrectly can create an unhelpful atmosphere and company culture. This management training course will provide managers with practical ways of dealing effectively with… Read More »

Management Communication Skills

A manager/team leader/supervisor cannot succeed without effective communication skills. Technical knowledge and industry knowledge cannot be used effectively in a management position without effective communication skills. Managers/team leaders/supervisors must communicate with staff, colleagues and customers. Customer problems occur when there is poor communication. Staff problems are often caused by poor communication. Management tasks such as… Read More »

Letter and Email Writing Skills

E-mails and letters are a vital element in customer communication and internal communication. Written communication provides a permanent record and may ‘haunt’ the organisation later.  This course provides the essential skills needed in an interactive and stimulating way. Participants can focus on the real types of correspondence they are involved with and the language that works… Read More »

Leading And Managing Remote Teams

The need for teams to operate remotely has become a key capability requirement for many organisations. To function effectively, these virtual teams need to operate in different ways to their location based equivalents.  This one day course gives you the insights and practical examples to create and maintain high performing remotely organised teams. [Geoads2] Who… Read More »

How To Become A More Strategic Manager

A management training course that gives managers and directors an insight into what real strategy is about. Rather than simply use the seminal models, the course will connect what you and your organisation are trying to achieve with the latest ideas and techniques. [Geoads2] The course’s overarching purpose is to give all participants a real insight into strategy issues,… Read More »

Influencing Skills

The working environment, with its limited time and resources, demands that each of us maximises the benefits that can be drawn from our relationships with others. [Geoads2] This practical management training course focuses upon those things that we can all do to ensure that our influence is optimised. Drawing inspiration from history and combining it with the very… Read More »