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Being good at one thing doesn’t make you good at everything…

2014 July 30
by Prosperos World

Sometimes people forget this at work and promote the person who is really good at their job into a management post that they have shown no aptitude for and undertaken no training to prepare for.  Other times people have shown themselves capable of selling really effectively so are moved into a relationship management role to look after existing accounts, bombing horribly when their new business skills just don’t seem to work.  Being a great manager of people in a service industry doesn’t always equip a person to manage a project such as setting up a new retail location when some harder planning skills are needed.

We often see problems like this too late, when we’re asked to help train or coach people who are under performing in roles they never had much hope of performing in.

Just because you’re a sought after actor with great hair, doesn’t mean you’re cut out to be a barber, as Jimmy Kimmel demonstrates:


Would you let a stranger with no hairdressing skills cut your hair?  If so, why?

Leadership Styles From Around The World

2014 July 27
by Prosperos World

Click here for the full list

Leadership ethnic (accurate?) stereotyping

Leadership ethnic (accurate?) stereotyping

50 Awesome User Experiences

2014 July 27
by Prosperos World

The Art, Beauty and Music of Industry

2014 July 23
by Prosperos World

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra usually spend their summers getting out into the community and playing music to people who either can’t afford to visit great Symphony Halls, or would feel uncomfortable entering them for the first time.  This year they’re taking their music into Ford factories, and it’s beautiful.

Meanwhile the vultures in suits continue to circle the Detroit Institute of Arts with less noble intentions.

Should You Be Saying More?

2014 July 17
by Prosperos World

This fun little film from Kid President takes a look at things we should all think about saying more often. There’s some real wisdom in there, as well as delightful flights of fancy. Remember, ‘ barbecue sauce on your shirt’ is a metaphor, don’t go looking for barbecue sauce to comment on (but the corndog thing, that’s serious).

Once you’ve given some thought to things you  should say more often, move on to the next level and start thinking about things you could be doing more often – it’ll make you even more awesome.


What It’s Like To Be In The Action

2014 July 7
by Prosperos World

A drone’s eye view of a firework display

The 70′s have eaten themselves …

2014 July 2
by Prosperos World

The British do do irony, but do these guys need ironing instead?


Increasing The Pool Of Engineering Talent

2014 June 26
by Prosperos World

There is a huge untapped pool of people who could excel in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths fields.  Parents, teachers, family members and friends can and do steer people away from areas where they could excel, and make a major contribution to the economy.  Sometimes people do this on purpose, but mostly it’s done out of ignorance.  

Make sure you’re not the person getting in the way of a child’s success, or holding your country’s economy back for the long term with outdated thinking.

Do You Have A Troublesome SuperStar In Your Office?

2014 June 23
by Prosperos World

Everybody loves what Luis Suarez does on his best days on the football pitch, but he’s not necessarily someone you’d like to share an office with day to day.  His reputation for cheating, selfishness and temper tantrums is as great as that for his remarkable footballing talent.

We’ve all worked with people who have something of an ego, and a bit of a temper, but also have many redeeming features.  The Uruguayan bank Abitab imagined what it would be like to sign Luis Suarez to work in their business, in the office and at a bank counter…


How would you cope with a Luis Suarez on your team?

Internet Trends 2014

2014 May 28
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by Prosperos World

Hot off the press from the seminal Mary Meeker

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