10 Ways To Freshen Up Tactical Sales Performance

By | May 16, 2007

  1. Run a short–term incentive around a particular product/service. Make it novel, relate it to some external event – generate some hoopla!
  2. Reaffirm performance metrics, make sure people are clear about their targets and really own their numbers.
  3. Appropriately deal with under performance.
  4. Re-allocate/re-distribute some customers/sectors/territories.
  5. Hold a mini-sales conference; explicitly think about how you are going to use it to motivate the sales people.
  6. Try to remove/reduce the top three internal frustrations the salespeople have.
  7. Shake down the existing sales pipeline. Have a proposals conversion week, offer low value/high recognition prizes.
  8. Run a Business Blitz day. Get internal salespeople/service involved. Pay for leads generated on the day. Design collective external/internal activities.
  9. Get your Chairman/CEO to deliver an inspirational speech (this is highly dependent on the quality of the person!).
  10. Reduce prices, increase discounts, develop other offer based promotions. This should be viewed as a last resort option. Once you go down this route it’s very hard to stop, with customers buying from you for offer based reasons only.


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