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Big Data Dating For Improved Performance

2013 November 29
by Prosperos World

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In the world of Organisational Development the behaviours of people tend to be the major focus. That makes sense, organisations are made up of people, and we want to develop them. Talking to people, sharing ideas, introducing initiatives, discussing outcomes and resistance are all bread and butter activities for people in HR and OD.

People in accounts teams tend to view things differently. It’s not always “show me the money” but it’s certainly “show me the numbers”. Accounts teams want to know about the data behind any decision before they are ready to commit.

This can cause tension in organisations, HR people become frustrated at the hard-headed (and as they may see it, heart-hearted) actions of the accounts team and their numbers and charts. Accounts teams become frustrated at the fuzzy logic (or fuzzy thinking) of the HR contingent, and their emphasis on feelings and behaviours rather than measured outputs.

In a world where big data has plenty to offer everyone, it’s the accounts teams and their colleagues in Management Information that hold the key to the information that lies behind the data, and HR/OD functions are in danger of missing out on key insights from data that could transform performance.

The HR/OD specialist with a history in maths, statistics or even a science background is a rare beast, you’re more likely to find people from a liberal arts background. Smart people in these roles are finding colleagues in the accounting and data fields to help them make the most of the data available to them, then reciprocating by helping those more data-minded colleagues to present their findings in ways that connect with people at an emotional as well as theoretical level.

What are you doing in your organisation to help maximise cross-fertilisation of ideas and share know-how as much as knowledge? If you’d like some help with creating an environment where big data leads to big decisions and better performance, talk to Predaptive.


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