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What Does A Smart Manager Look Like?

In a period of instability, change and turmoil are buffeting the front-line managers now more than ever. There are restructures, redundancies and re-focusing happening in many organisations right now. Front-line managers have always had one of the toughest roles in any organisation; caught between the day-to-day operational needs of their team on the one hand,… Read More »

How Proficient Are You?

The new cycling proficiency test has been launched, under the snappy new title Bikeability. As a child I looked forward to being old enough to take the test and earn my badge as my parents had convinced me that it was illegal to ride on the road, or unaccompanied by a qualified cyclist. I passed… Read More »

The Modern Sales Professional’s Glossary of Competitive Advantage

These are some of the concepts that are helping the modern sales organisation effectively engage with their most demanding customers and prospects. Customer Value Proposition – The total offer as perceived by the customer. It’s the interdependencies and emphasis of the various elements that creates a unique CVP (or not). Salespeople, and the way they… Read More »

Take a look in the mirrors – and make your change programmes more effective

Many organisational change programmes fail. This is indisputable fact, but the reasons for failure are often less clear and will depend on who you ask. Failure is often attributed to insufficient investment, yet occasionally even over investment can contribute to reduced success. Lack of senior project sponsorship can be a contributing factor, as can lack… Read More »