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Techniques For Avoiding Redundancy

  There is no sure fire way to avoid redundancy, however there is real evidence of positive discrimination around the criteria used for selection that can improve your chances of staying off the list: How To Avoid Redundancy (Positively) Do the job you are paid to do brilliantly. Create as much additional value around your… Read More »

How to Lead Change

How to lead to new places your organisation and clients, defining new market spaces and new ways of working. Change is about leadership, leadership is about change. Increasing change management capabilities with an absence of visible leadership is a waste of time (and money). Leaders stimulate and embrace change, they use change techniques to support the taking… Read More »

The Compelling Business Case

With selling very much on the agenda , customers are increasingly looking to buy great value. When you’re up against stiff competition, making sure you’ve got a compelling business case for your offer can make the difference between making the sale and missing out. We’ve developed this in-house course to help your salespeople make the… Read More »

The Difference Between Those In Sales Management Positions That Can Add Value And Those That Can’t

This year has shown that in tough times some approaches are more effective than others, some sales leaders really do shown a navigable path through to improved performance, whilst other less able managers add no value at all through their visible anxiety and single dimensional approach.   We have captured the main difference in a… Read More »

Are You In The Zone?

We are all familiar with being in our Comfort Zone, but what about the other performance/behaviour zones that can help you focus on being more effective and understand why you feel like you do when performing at certain levels. Working from the bottom up: If you are below the black line you are in the… Read More »

Value Based Selling

The sales person’s role is evolving and nowadays they are expected to become consultants who understand all aspects of the customer’s business. Simply taking orders is unacceptable and selling on price continues to diminish allowing scope for competitors to get in on the action. The essence of value added selling is differentiating yourself and your… Read More »

The SalesPathways 2007 Service Awards

During our 2007 travels we have experienced many different levels of service. We thought it was timely to mention the stand out ones we have been lucky enough to experience during the year. Hilton Metropole – NEC BirminghamNeeding some urgent printing (only 3 pages), business centre closed, reception busy, already checked out, no cash to… Read More »