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Eleven Things Effective Leaders Do…

They do nothing particularly difficult or sophisticated, but they are effective in creating value in their role through focusing on certain behaviours and activities that make all the difference. Effective Leaders… Work at making sure their influence exceeds their levels of authority. Motivate those around them to change things Inhabit the mind of the customer… Read More »

Commuting For Success

Commuting has always been a time consuming experience, but with fuel prices at their current levels and congestion in the UK leading to delays it now takes up more time and money, so how can you make the most of your commuting time? You can always read work papers and mentally plan for the day… Read More »

Taking Yourself Seriously

Job titles can be a contentious area in organisations, whether people feel they make people too status conscious, or whether they feel titles provide a clear signal to colleagues about the structure and hierarchy they matter to individuals. An interesting trend is for people to choose their own titles, whether from a set of HR… Read More »

Some Secrets of High Performing Sales People

Two recent training projects have uncovered things that separated the above average from the exceptional salesperson. Although there is nothing particularly new in our findings we were still struck by the performance difference they created. All of the examples are from business to business environments performed or exhibited by people who are at the top… Read More »

Are You In The Zone?

We are all familiar with being in our Comfort Zone, but what about the other performance/behaviour zones that can help you focus on being more effective and understand why you feel like you do when performing at certain levels. Working from the bottom up: If you are below the black line you are in the… Read More »