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How to Create Emotional Stakeholders

How to create emotional stakeholders by implementing new ways of managing, motivating, developing and coaching your people. Employees need a new psychological contract with their employer. The Boomers, Xers, Yers and Nexters all have different motivations, and they need to be engaged with to get the best from them. What You Need A new, tailor made psychological contract that will include the following: effective and… Read More »

Career Segmentation

Marketers are familiar with life stage segmentation in trying to understand buying motivations and decisions. For some time we have been interested in how the same technique might be applied to looking at career phases. Below we have developed our own tool that we believe identifies the key phases of the career focused working life:… Read More »

What About Starting Your Own Business? A Way Back To Employment Or To Escape A Job You Don’t Like

After dreaming about winning the lottery the next most popular lifestyle dream is working for yourself. Just last week the Government minister, David Willets, suggested graduates should think about starting up their own business last week as an alternative to struggling in the current job market. Often our work involves working for clients who started… Read More »

The Job Interview

If you’re reading this whilst out of work or you know someone (especially a young person) who is looking for work please pass it on. In our outplacement work we have found these to be significant drivers in peoples’ success rate when attending the job interview*. Use These Phrases At The Appropriate Time I am… Read More »

The New Corporate HQ Game

We have found a fun thing to do that passes five minutes. Lots of people who have found themselves out of a job are taking the opportunity to start up their own businesses. One of the first things to do is launch a web site, which requires a trading address for contact purposes. If the… Read More »