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Value Chain Capital

Each business and market segment has its own unique value chain consisting of the combined activities that make up the internal business and external market environment. Segmenting the market place and developing a deep understanding and perspective of the unique value chain enables clients to identify key dynamics that can be optimised to allow the… Read More »

How to engage with people who have different learning styles …

Activists Activists involve themselves fully and without bias in new experiences.  They enjoy the here and now and are happy to be dominated by immediate experiences.  They are open-minded, not sceptical and this tends to make them enthusiastic about anything new.  Their philosophy is “I’ll try anything once”.  They tend to act first and consider… Read More »

What Can Really Be Achieved In A One-Week Sales Effectiveness Diagnostic?

Actually, a lot! Prioritising where to focus scare resources to improve the output of a sales organisation can be challenging. The one-week Sales Effectiveness Diagnostic is designed to give you immediate actions to improve sales based on comparisons with latest sales best practice research. With an intense programme of field visits, data review, interviews and… Read More »

10 Rules For Good Job Titles

Do job titles matter?  They certainly can cause a lot of heat and fuss but not much light when under discussion. Let’s begin with some context. Job titles have three audiences, the external market-place, inside the organisation and the individual’s personal networks. The External Market Place Here fancy job titles can be useful for opening doors… Read More »

How to Create Emotional Stakeholders

How to create emotional stakeholders by implementing new ways of managing, motivating, developing and coaching your people. Employees need a new psychological contract with their employer. The Boomers, Xers, Yers and Nexters all have different motivations, and they need to be engaged with to get the best from them. What You Need A new, tailor made psychological contract that will include the following: effective and… Read More »

How to Lead Change

How to lead to new places your organisation and clients, defining new market spaces and new ways of working. Change is about leadership, leadership is about change. Increasing change management capabilities with an absence of visible leadership is a waste of time (and money). Leaders stimulate and embrace change, they use change techniques to support the taking… Read More »

High Performance Organisational Development

Great solutions are based around our High Performance Organisational Development™(HPOD™) Framework. HPOD brings together the key organisational components that help create and sustain competitive advantage, which is the route to becoming a world class organisation: Purpose – how to create meaning Change – how to lead Shape – how to organise your business Engagement – how to create emotional stakeholders… Read More »

The Three Saddest Words in the English Language

After extensive research and listening to hundreds of interviews, appraisal meetings, and performance reviews we can confirm that the three saddest words in the English language are … Coulda… Woulda… Shoulda… Don’t make them part of your next review, just get on and do those things that you know you’ll look back on and say “if only”.… Read More »