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Speed To Competency

How to optimize your new recruits’ commercial and personal potential In-Company Course Overview This one-day course provides a new and dynamic approach to induction.  By using a structured, innovative and integrated process new recruits are brought up to speed much faster than standard induction methods, so optimising your return on investment. [Geoads2] Speed to Competency… Read More »

How Do You Measure Up As A Team Manager?

Over the last 6 months Predaptive have been working on a competency project that has identified certain characteristics of the successful team manager. We have summarised those behavioural indicators into the following list: They seek to add value to what the team are trying to achieve, rather than simply ‘manage’ them. They balance the task-team-individual… Read More »

The Difference Between Organisational Competences and Distinctiveness Competences

If you are serious about increasing your organisation’s competitive advantage you will need to understand if you have clarity around the strength of your distinctive competences. The basics first: A competence is something the organisation does. Every organisation has competences, fewer ones have distinctive competences. A distinctive competence is something the organisation does materially better… Read More »

Distinctive Competencies – THE Route To Winning And Keeping Customers

Businesses that do well in a recession have more goods or services that people want to buy compared to the average supplier. Why is this? The answer lays in distinctive competencies. It sounds too obvious, and it’s much simpler to say (or write) than to convert into practical application. Below we have provided a summary… Read More »