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The Difference Between Organisational Competences and Distinctiveness Competences

If you are serious about increasing your organisation’s competitive advantage you will need to understand if you have clarity around the strength of your distinctive competences. The basics first: A competence is something the organisation does. Every organisation has competences, fewer ones have distinctive competences. A distinctive competence is something the organisation does materially better… Read More »

The 10 Causal Reasons Why So Much Customer Service Is Poorly Delivered

Looking after your customers would seem to be the most obvious thing to be focusing on in these difficult business times, so why are service levels still so variable and the customer experience generally so unimpressive? Nobody at board level is responsible for service performance, why? Because everybody is responsible. This means accountability is fragmented… Read More »

Innovation/Creativity – It’s Easy To Talk About, Much Harder To Actually Do

Every business talks about being ‘innovative’ or being more ‘creative’ as part of its vision or values. Management will talk about blue sky thinking, or its more robust cousin blue ocean strategy, without doing much else. Often people will talk about innovation and creativity as the same thing which doesn’t help. You might mean them… Read More »

How Value Chains Mature – The Dangers of Creeping Commoditisation

Many organisations are dealing with the issue where parts (all?) of their market-place are commoditising, i.e. where the customer perceives the product/service they are purchasing is sufficiently understood by them so that the decision as to which one, independent of any technical or expert help where key benefit attributes like quality, reliability and availability can… Read More »

Beyond The Language Barrier

With an ever increasingly globalised business world, language barriers are important. You’re reading this in English, which is the current global language of business, yet language is only one element of the cross cultural challenge of working globally. The greater challenge can be in understanding the more subtle differences of expectation and perception. Working in… Read More »

Eleven Business/People Orthodoxies – Where Do You Stand?

Command & Control Management Style. Management gurus and business schools have for 20 years been saying the modern organisation needs to be run on different lines, so why, apart from some notable exceptions (which tend to be start-ups), is it so slow in changing? Managerial Status Symbols. Reserved car parking (admittedly actual name plates are… Read More »

How To Lever Technology Into Delivering Transformational Customer Experiences

Every company uses technology, why do so few create transformational experiences? To engage in this debate we use a concept call High Tech/High Touch. See below: It’s the dynamic combination of these two strategies that can bring real competitive advantage. When an organisation uses an invisible technology prompt to personalise the service offered, customers notice.… Read More »

7 Technology Related Trends That Are Coming To A Place Near You!

The mobile phone looks like being the first truly successful convergence device since the Teasmade. The killer application combination will be location tracking (through GPS or similar), high bandwidth and new services. Don’t underestimate customers inventing uses either, like using Bluetooth to see who is up for flirting on the bus, in the train carriage,… Read More »