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Distinctive Competencies – THE Route To Winning And Keeping Customers

Businesses that do well in a recession have more goods or services that people want to buy compared to the average supplier. Why is this? The answer lays in distinctive competencies. It sounds too obvious, and it’s much simpler to say (or write) than to convert into practical application. Below we have provided a summary… Read More »

What Every Business To Business (B2B) Organisation Is Trying To Achieve

When all the strategies have been written, all the workshops attended, and all the board meetings or management meetings sat through, what all B2B businesses are trying to achieve is the same thing: Organisations what to deliver an enhanced Customer Experience through optimising all interactions – in all integrated dimensions – more cheaply To increase… Read More »

Rapport Techniques For The Telephone

Rapport works on the natural and automatic principle that people feel comfortable with others that they judge are like themselves. This usually happens at an unconscious level. When we are with people with whom we feel comfortable, and are perhaps sharing something important, we often find ourselves naturally and automatically imitating some aspects of the… Read More »

How To Lever Technology Into Delivering Transformational Customer Experiences

Every company uses technology, why do so few create transformational experiences? To engage in this debate we use a concept call High Tech/High Touch. See below: It’s the dynamic combination of these two strategies that can bring real competitive advantage. When an organisation uses an invisible technology prompt to personalise the service offered, customers notice.… Read More »