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Administration Skills

Being competent in the ‘technical’ skills of the job is no longer enough. If we do not have appropriate skills – we cannot communicate effectively with internal and external customers. Your participants will learn the key skills. Overview Administration roles today require a variety of skills to help develop and build relations with internal and… Read More »

Four Things That Distinguish High Performing, High Growth Organisations From The Rest

Through our ongoing project work we thought it timely to share what we are finding to be four areas of focus that seem to make a material difference to organisational sales performance. 1. The need for their (B2B) salespeople to reposition themselves further up the value chain away from what some CEOs call ‘commodity hell’.… Read More »

How you organise your business to delight your clients

How you organise your business to delight your clients, to optimise your resources and to release peoples’ potential. Highly evolved organisations have a low design imperative, spending their time on developing coping and workaround strategies rather than focusing on creating additional value add. What You Need Create a scalable and sustainable organisational design that will deliver the required… Read More »

Ten Ways Customer Service Development Is Misunderstood

As many marketplaces increasingly commoditise, the significance of delivering excellent customer service increases. That being the case, why do so many organisations deliver poor service making the majority of customer service experiences at best unmemorable and at worst hopeless? Below we list the most common mistakes organisation make in delivering excellent customer service: They have… Read More »

EQUIP Yourself To Deal With Complaints

Complaints – love them or loathe them? Irate customers or moaning minnies in your team? There will always be those people you just dread having to deal with. Whether they are justified or not, whether they are your customers or your staff – you still have to deal with them. Attitudes to complaints can reveal… Read More »

Distinctive Competencies – THE Route To Winning And Keeping Customers

Businesses that do well in a recession have more goods or services that people want to buy compared to the average supplier. Why is this? The answer lays in distinctive competencies. It sounds too obvious, and it’s much simpler to say (or write) than to convert into practical application. Below we have provided a summary… Read More »

The 10 Causal Reasons Why So Much Customer Service Is Poorly Delivered

Looking after your customers would seem to be the most obvious thing to be focusing on in these difficult business times, so why are service levels still so variable and the customer experience generally so unimpressive? Nobody at board level is responsible for service performance, why? Because everybody is responsible. This means accountability is fragmented… Read More »

Integrating People with Technology To Drive Transformational Service Delivery

Effective service delivery can be transformed by the effective and clever integration of appropriate technology. Anybody who has ordered over the internet and received an instant confirmation email showing everything is correct will know how effectively it reduces purchasing anxiety, especially when followed up with further emails showing order progress. Or the effective application of… Read More »

How Would You Rate The Significance To Your Organisation (In The Next 6 Months) The Following Business Development/Survival Strategies?

We ran a survey last month with the above title asking people to rate the importance of a range of business development techniques from irrelevant to critical. Below we post the aggregated results, from most to least significant. Getting customer service right (most significant) Launching new products Reducing costs New ways of working Web based… Read More »