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Book Review: Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin – an important book, particularly for salespeople

This is a book that has been around for a while and has picked up some very good reviews. We agree, this is an excellent, thought provoking read, and deserves a higher profile. Talent not being a major part of somebody’s performance make-up seems counter-intuitive. Naturally talented is a phrase we might all use about… Read More »

Natural Born Leaders

Are leaders born or made? This is a really boring question, like the nature/nurture debate.Boring, because it’s obviously both, in both cases. The much more interesting question around Leadership is why isn’t more attention given to it as part of organisations’ people development strategies? If leadership means anything it means taking responsibility for changing (improving)… Read More »

Transformational Leadership – Unlocking Leadership Potential Across Your Organisation

Organisations are now in a permanently turbulent change state, the days of the status quo are over. Transformational leadership is the most effective response; it effectively positions you for the future and increases your capacity to deal with the challenges of today. Unfortunately, many organisations are still over-managed and under-led, with no real process for… Read More »

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and E-learning

CPD accreditation gives members confidence that their professional body and employer are working together to help them adopt an approach to continuing professional development which is consistent with their requirements. All of our e-learning modules are CPD accredited. With each module lasting approximately 2 hours it is an accessible, engaging and effective way of learning… Read More »

Working Around The Problem

Many organisations offer management training programmes to their employees; some offer management development programmes, sometimes there’s a difference beyond the name. The key determinant of their effectiveness is whether managers are doing a better job. Employees are often the best judge of this, and where employment levels are high they may vote with their feet.… Read More »

You Get The Sales Organisation You Deserve – A Guide To The Most Common Failings

Salespeople will behave in ways that align with the way they are recognised and rewarded. If you want to (for instance) make them more customer focused partly reward them for customer satisfaction, retention rates etc. If sales people seem to obsess about the wrong things such as cars, sandbagging their numbers, picking fights with internal… Read More »

Competency Frameworks

What Is A Competency?The term competency is now generally defined as the behaviours that employees must have, or must acquire, to input into a situation in order to achieve high levels of performance. BackgroundCompetencies emerged in the 1980s as a response to organisational changes and to wider changes in society. These changes included: Flatter organisational… Read More »


Many organisations are struggling to enable real learning (not just training) amongst a diverse population of employees in a way that is accessible, engaging, effective and aligned. Meanwhile self directed employees are becoming more demanding and are taking charge of their own development at a rate that many learning and development functions cannot keep pace… Read More »