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Getting Your Skills Fix

The dictionary definition of training is “the process of bringing a person to an agreed standard of proficiency by practice and instruction”. In business, however, it’s not just the ‘process’ which an individual has to go through in order to be proficient in their role but also the speed at which this transition (and resulting… Read More »

Making Learning Work

Organisations spend a lot of money on learning and development, most of it going on training and the purchase learning resources. Often the investment is a good one in that well designed, practical and effective learning interventions are chosen. However at Predaptive we’re increasingly talking to organisations that find themselves with more learning resources than… Read More »

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and E-learning

CPD accreditation gives members confidence that their professional body and employer are working together to help them adopt an approach to continuing professional development which is consistent with their requirements. All of our e-learning modules are CPD accredited. With each module lasting approximately 2 hours it is an accessible, engaging and effective way of learning… Read More »