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Did You Choose A Real Leader?

The news has been full of Members of Parliament’s expenses this week. The publication of itemised expenses claims with receipts has been great fun for the newspapers as they construct lifestyles based on charges for swimming pool maintenance, ‘gourmet’ dog food and ladies underwear. For the MPs concerned it’s been embarrassing. The MPs could feel… Read More »

What Does It Take To Be A Leader?

Many organisations are over managed and under led? Why? Often, leadership is the stuff that gets squeezed out by all the ‘management’ requirements. Part of the difficulty of leadership is that it is viewed as an attribute as well as an activity; this is the old argument whether leaders are born or made. We have… Read More »

Natural Born Leaders

Are leaders born or made? This is a really boring question, like the nature/nurture debate.Boring, because it’s obviously both, in both cases. The much more interesting question around Leadership is why isn’t more attention given to it as part of organisations’ people development strategies? If leadership means anything it means taking responsibility for changing (improving)… Read More »