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Leveraging Intellectual Capital

The power of leveraging Intellectual Capital is significant, with industries and businesses that are consciously competent in their Intellectual Capital being closely linked with: Higher profitability Possessing greater market leverage Harnessing increased product differentiation and uniqueness Better equipped to successfully transition from products into services In today’s service economy Intellectual Capital is increasingly difficult to… Read More »

The 9 Characteristics Of A Successful Team

The implosion of Manchester United, live on TV, has been quite something to watch.  There’s many theories as to why it’s all gone so horribly wrong – Moyes is a bad manager, SAF left a superannuated team, the Glazers won’t invest, the players don’t care about the team, the FA and referees are conspiring against… Read More »

The Challenge Of Remotely Managing Virtual Team Workers Who Are Not Direct Reports

We have been involved in some interesting projects recently where organisations have the sometimes frustrating challenge of managing the delivery of work with remote team workers who are not their direct reports. This kind of set up is becoming increasingly common; organisations with diverse operating structures and multiple delivery channels, often have complex ‘dotted line’… Read More »

How to Create Meaning at Work

How to create meaning through building a motivating context that gives direction and motivates people to perform. Purpose is all about building a motivating organisational context which gives people a sense of meaningful direction at both the business and corporate level. Key to this strategic development is clear organisational goals. What You need Work with senior management or project… Read More »

Foursquare Leadership

Our 4SLeadership™ Framework underpins all of our leadership development work and seeks to: Create and embed a Leadership vocabulary and focus in all critical people touch points: job descriptions, competence profiles, performance contracts, Balance Score Cards and Personal Development Plans Create a Leadership imperative throughout the organisation Train directors and managers in 4SLeadership™ Develop coaching capabilities to demonstrate leadership… Read More »

How to Lead Change

How to lead to new places your organisation and clients, defining new market spaces and new ways of working. Change is about leadership, leadership is about change. Increasing change management capabilities with an absence of visible leadership is a waste of time (and money). Leaders stimulate and embrace change, they use change techniques to support the taking… Read More »

Warren Buffett’s Memo To Managers

As usual, some wise words from Warren Buffett in a memo sent to his senior managers last year.  We’ve underlined one sentence we think sums up a (the?) critical requirement of anybody trying to lead their organisation, team etc. Memo To: Berkshire Hathaway Managers (“The All-Stars”) cc: Berkshire Directors From: Warren E. Buffett Date: July 26 2010 This is my biennial letter to re-emphasize Berkshire’s top priority and to get… Read More »

The Human Dynamics Around Successfully Managing Remote Teams

If you  you need to think very carefully about how you can achieve optimum effectiveness. Command and Control doesn’t work, and hierarchically based power structures are ineffective. A different kind of boss/subordinate paradigm is required. There are several critical behavioural and process dynamics required between manager and their team member for remote working to work.… Read More »

What Kind Of Leader Was Tony Blair?

With Tony Blair’s book just published there has been renewed focus on what kind of leader he was. We thought it was timely to allow you to judge Blair as a leader against our model of leadership. Have a read through the overview of the four dimensions below and make your own judgement. We examined 16… Read More »