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Warren Buffett’s Memo To Managers

As usual, some wise words from Warren Buffett in a memo sent to his senior managers last year.  We’ve underlined one sentence we think sums up a (the?) critical requirement of anybody trying to lead their organisation, team etc. Memo To: Berkshire Hathaway Managers (“The All-Stars”) cc: Berkshire Directors From: Warren E. Buffett Date: July 26 2010 This is my biennial letter to re-emphasize Berkshire’s top priority and to get… Read More »

The Human Dynamics Around Successfully Managing Remote Teams

If you  you need to think very carefully about how you can achieve optimum effectiveness. Command and Control doesn’t work, and hierarchically based power structures are ineffective. A different kind of boss/subordinate paradigm is required. There are several critical behavioural and process dynamics required between manager and their team member for remote working to work.… Read More »

What Kind Of Leader Was Tony Blair?

With Tony Blair’s book just published there has been renewed focus on what kind of leader he was. We thought it was timely to allow you to judge Blair as a leader against our model of leadership. Have a read through the overview of the four dimensions below and make your own judgement. We examined 16… Read More »

Staying Power

Sir Terry Leahy has announced he’s leaving Tesco after 14 years in charge. During that time the business has seen turnover rise by 310% and profit rise even more. Tesco has moved from being an also-ran in the UK supermarket field to the dominant player, overtaking Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer in profitability. Tesco is… Read More »

Mercenaries Or Stakeholders? How Engaged Are Your Employees?

Charles Handy rather famously suggested that nearly all organisations are made up to some extent of both mercenaries and stakeholders. If this sounds a little over-simplistic it still helps us to look at how this split affects employee engagement in organisations across the spectrum from global businesses to local family firms and from national public… Read More »

Being In The Matrix – There Is No Spoon*

Matrix structures are sometimes the only effective way of deploying a multi-dimensional strategy. The problem is they are beyond many organisations’ maturity to successfully execute. In fact some attempts have failed so badly it can be career limiting to even suggest ‘going matrix’ around some CEO’s. However, for some organisations a matrix gives them the… Read More »

How Is Your Point Of View? – A Critical Requirement Of Today’s Manager

One of the most revealing ways of identifying someone who can influence beyond their level of authority and control (which is a simple, but effective definition of leadership) is to really listen for the person’s point of view. How often (and perceptively) do you hear them talk about their industry’s future, what the change dynamics… Read More »

Connecting Great Leaders To Daily Business Behaviours That Demonstrates A Leader Mind-set

In a recent course on Leadership a wide range of inspirational leaders were suggested by participants. Ranging from the well-known ‘greats’; Sir Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King to the more controversial; Baroness Margaret Thatcher, Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates. What do these inspiring figures have in common other than their ability… Read More »