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12 New Year Resolutions Any Self Respecting Sales Manager Should Follow

The worse the figures are the more you should analyse them (see how in point two). Avoiding bad news is never a good idea. The better your figures are the more you should assume it’s temporary. Try to identify the reasons why you are succeeding, try to see the reasons why and when it might… Read More »

Starting The Year Right

In January people tend to think through their learning and development plans for the year. The danger is that the people who look after learning and development for their organisations find themselves responding to the same old training needs. They can either do more of the same or, as is often the case, simply look… Read More »

Selling Styles – Which One Are You?

9/1 The Pressure Seller:The main concern of a 9/1 Seller is to get the business, and the customer’s attitude is of secondary importance to this selling style in gaining this objective.They are achievement orientated, proving themselves through high performance. Their sales approach is forceful, and requires the Seller to do most of the talking. They… Read More »

Strategic Sales Leadership

To be effective in any sales organisation, a leader has to have the ability to influence using the four power bases appropriately. Generally the more effective the leader the more he/she will utilise personal power supported where necessary by expert power. The role of the sales leader: Task role: – agreeing, setting and monitoring objectives… Read More »

Building Sticky Content

How appealing is your Academy Hub content, does it attract users to revisit the Hub frequently leaving them hungry for more? Ask yourself the following three questions: Is your Hub an essential part of your organisation’s infrastructure, if not why not? How often on average do your employees use your Academy Hub, and setting it… Read More »

Training Versus Learning

Over the past few years there has been a significant ‘shift’ as organisations have sophisticated and begun to realise that the pick and mix, sheep dip approach to people development doesn’t achieve the impact necessary. Now the talk is of learning, Training Managers have become Learning and Development Managers, Training Departments have moved the same… Read More »

Stop Training Your Managers, Start Developing Your Leaders

First things, first, lets define leadership. Leadership is where an organisation motivates its key stakeholders to move to new places. Places that are sometimes exciting, scary, uncomfortable, challenging and different. What all these new places have in common however, is that they require Leadership to make the case, to create the mandate for change and… Read More »