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The Sales Meeting

Professional Selling is not manipulation or bullying. Special skills are required. This module introduces the skills, situations and key points in a competitive sales process. Overview Today’s competitive environment requires more than good interpersonal skills. Good salespeople are made, not born. They may have the inherent interpersonal skills and the ‘will-to-win’ but that must be… Read More »

80 Ideas for Sales Meetings

Sales Managers are often nervous of kicking off yet another dry sales meeting.  Here’s some ideas that recent participants have shared for adding an element of discussion and debate at sales meetings. Topics marked * are great for getting people talking and sharing ideas – get a flipchart or whiteboard ready to capture ideas or have… Read More »

A Meeting Checklist

Before you call or attend your next meeting have a quick glance through this checklist.  Can you answer the questions?  Are you happy with the answers?  You might be surprised at how much time and money you can save by only attending well designed, well chaired meetings. Purpose Why are we holding this meeting? Will the… Read More »

Meetings 101

We’ve witnessed a few meetings recently that have been inefficient, ineffective and in some cases detrimental to the business that was holding them. Some of those meetings could have been saved by good planning, some by good process, others by better facilitation, and one or two by not happening at all. Here’s a quick check-list… Read More »

Managing Meetings

It is the time of year where most sales people will be focusing on how they are going to achieve their objectives for 2008. We often prepare for meetings thinking only about our own goals and objectives; what we want to achieve from the meeting or presentation. A technique that can be particularly useful in… Read More »