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What Kind Of Customer Are You Targeting?

Not all customers behave the same way because they are motivated by different things. Cost-Oriented Customers Focus largely or exclusively on the cost of the product or service, will want to get to discounts and prices very quickly. See the product as a commodity easily substituted by a competitor’s product or service. Want a favorable… Read More »

Recession Proofing Yourself

With concern about the ‘credit crunch’, the ‘housing market slump’ and the ‘looming recession’, people find themselves considering how well positioned they are to weather a potential storm. This can cause people to behave strangely, which may not always be beneficial to the organisation or themselves. The people who tend to not only survive tough… Read More »

10 Ways To Freshen Up Tactical Sales Performance

Run a short–term incentive around a particular product/service. Make it novel, relate it to some external event – generate some hoopla! Reaffirm performance metrics, make sure people are clear about their targets and really own their numbers. Appropriately deal with under performance. Re-allocate/re-distribute some customers/sectors/territories. Hold a mini-sales conference; explicitly think about how you are… Read More »

You Get The Sales Organisation You Deserve – A Guide To The Most Common Failings

Salespeople will behave in ways that align with the way they are recognised and rewarded. If you want to (for instance) make them more customer focused partly reward them for customer satisfaction, retention rates etc. If sales people seem to obsess about the wrong things such as cars, sandbagging their numbers, picking fights with internal… Read More »

Are These Issues Affecting Your Business?

Motivating Staff Learning the job Skills development Change process Delegating Appraisals and assessments Problem solving Task performance Relationship issues Planning and reviewing Team building Staff development Team working Succession planning Then you may be in a situation where you need to be doing coaching of your own. In a world that is changing so rapidly… Read More »

Its Extrinsic Motivation That Gets All The Attention And Budget, But Its Intrinsic Motivation That Builds Real Competitive Advantage

Extrinsic Motivation = doing something in the expectation of gaining a reward for doing it. Rats get chocolate drops for navigating a maze, children get stars on the classroom wall, and salespeople get bonuses or holidays for beating target. When somebody is only doing something for the reward there is a danger of focusing only… Read More »

Structured Training Open Courses Receive CPD Accreditations

All of our Courses are now CPD Accredited (Continuing Professional Development). The world in which all professionals practice is changing. Global competition has never been more intense, clients are more demanding and technology offers new ways of working. The knowledge base of the professionals and of the sectors in which they operate has also increased.… Read More »

A New Manager’s Guide to Leading a Team – (Part 2 – where does leadership fit in?)

Manager and Leader? Manager or Leader? Manager not Leader? Many organisations are over managed and under led? Why? Often, leadership is the stuff that gets squeezed out by all the ‘management’ requirements. Part of the difficulty of leadership is that it is viewed as an attribute as well as an activity; this is the hoary… Read More »

Everybody Can Think, Why Don’t We Do More Of It?

There is thinking concerned with conception (‘day dreaming’) and thinking concerned with action (problem solving) There is thinking that is linear (experience, logic rational analysis) and thinking that is lateral (intuition, wild thoughts, crazy ideas) We live in a world of discontinuous change, which will require discontinuous responses Thinking differently can be learnt, its not… Read More »