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Why Everyone Can’t Be Talented And How Some Organisations Deal With The Opportunity

Given a standard distribution curve, the amount of really talented managers in business is going to be relatively small. The bulge of managers (as opposed to a manager’s bulge) will be around the middle, classified as average. If that point is then scaled up to the business level, and we assume that talent equals upper… Read More »

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and E-learning

CPD accreditation gives members confidence that their professional body and employer are working together to help them adopt an approach to continuing professional development which is consistent with their requirements. All of our e-learning modules are CPD accredited. With each module lasting approximately 2 hours it is an accessible, engaging and effective way of learning… Read More »

Beyond The Language Barrier

With an ever increasingly globalised business world, language barriers are important. You’re reading this in English, which is the current global language of business, yet language is only one element of the cross cultural challenge of working globally. The greater challenge can be in understanding the more subtle differences of expectation and perception. Working in… Read More »

Working Around The Problem

Many organisations offer management training programmes to their employees; some offer management development programmes, sometimes there’s a difference beyond the name. The key determinant of their effectiveness is whether managers are doing a better job. Employees are often the best judge of this, and where employment levels are high they may vote with their feet.… Read More »

Eleven Business/People Orthodoxies – Where Do You Stand?

Command & Control Management Style. Management gurus and business schools have for 20 years been saying the modern organisation needs to be run on different lines, so why, apart from some notable exceptions (which tend to be start-ups), is it so slow in changing? Managerial Status Symbols. Reserved car parking (admittedly actual name plates are… Read More »

Start From Here

Performance Management is a hot topic in many organisations as they struggle to define themselves as high performing businesses. The difficulty many face is that the organisation holds many different views about what performance management means and different parts of the business deliver performance management differently. This can mean that more time is spent discussing… Read More »

Total Coaching

Linking coaching with objectives and project tasks or activities is a highly productive and effective modern method of training and developing people in organisations, especially for staff in teams and departments, and for developing organisations themselves. Although coaching has become a very widespread development tool, there are issues about how best to manage and deliver… Read More »

What We’re Reading – The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build the Leadership Powered Company

Title: The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build the Leadership Powered CompanyAuthor: Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, James NoelPublisher: Jossey Bass Wiley (16 Jan 2001)ISBN: 0787951722Price: £11.89Reviewer: Claudine McClean A re-read this month of a modern leadership classic. The Leadership Pipeline looks at how successful companies work to create their own leaders from within the business. Yet… Read More »

The Trend Continues – (Some) Field Salespeople Are an Endangered Species

It should come as no surprise to read last weeks announcement that the pharma giant Merck is planning to lay-off a large part of its salesforce. Saying that they can create more sales momentum from other channels such as product marketing, brands and sales promotion is becoming a common refrain. They are only following a… Read More »