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What Are The Circumstances Where B2B Field Salespeople Can Flourish?

Given the challenges some sales organisations face (see ‘The Trend Continues – (Some) Field Salespeople Are an Endangered Species’), how can you avoid these problems? Be in a market where buyers risk is high. These days this is beyond the control of any sales organisation. Buyers risk is a function of how a buyer feels… Read More »

Identifying Salespeople Who Can Make A Difference

Here we give you a quick checklist to help identify the salespeople who can create new value for you. They can conceptualise things that don’t yet exist. They read widely across their sector and adjacent sectors too. They have specialism in something, whether it’s the customer type, the products/services, the market sector, the geographical culture… Read More »

Management Development

Most organisations recognise that their success is dependent on having a pro-active, value adding management population. However fewer organisations are actually able to translate that aspiration into a really effective management development programme. What will a Structured Training Management Development programme deliver for you? Strategically aligned performance improvement An operationally effective and results driven management… Read More »

You Get The Sales Organisation You Deserve – A Guide To The Most Common Failings

Salespeople will behave in ways that align with the way they are recognised and rewarded. If you want to (for instance) make them more customer focused partly reward them for customer satisfaction, retention rates etc. If sales people seem to obsess about the wrong things such as cars, sandbagging their numbers, picking fights with internal… Read More »