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The Management Value Add

How much do your managers add-value as managers and how much do they try to add value by doing work that others should be doing? Recently this question was asked unrhetorically in a customer organisation and the answers were very revealing: Many managers were spending between 20% and 30% of their time checking, chasing, covering… Read More »

Not Enough Time: How Successful Salespeople Are Great Time Managers

Time management is a perennial personal development need. Here in a couple of lines is the training remedy distilled; the difference between urgent and important, reactive from pro-active tasks, things to do lists, delegation and work–life balance. We’ve recently been doing some work with a group of high-performing salespeople who seem to manage their time… Read More »

Five Steps To Improved Sales Performance Into Your Organisation

Every business would like to improve its sales performance. That being the case, why do most sales organisations struggle to do anything more than just exhort their sales people to do better? The fundamental problem lies with a lack of rigour and understanding around the relationship of cause and effect. What are the inputs that… Read More »

Management Development Priorities

Take a minute to consider how many of the following pain points relate to your management population: Managers are promoted on their technical rather than managerial ability Some managers become irrelevant with people working around rather than through them Some are great people managers, some really deliver results, but few managers actually do both, consistently… Read More »

Speed To Competence

If you are recruiting you will need to think about inducting/onboarding your highly motivated, keen to learn, potential sales stars of the future. However, within three months your new recruits will have become institutionalised, demonstrating the standard distribution of performance – 20% doing really well, 20% doing really badly and 60% contributing to the existing… Read More »

How To Develop Sales Best Practice

Best Practice used as a development tool is one of the most powerful ways to improve performance. In this article we give an overview that covers how to go about embedding its use into your sales organisation. Management must understand its significance and define their terms. Our working definition of best practice is: The conscious… Read More »

The Evolution Of Performance

Businesses are all looking for the perfect performance management systems, either looking for the ultimate process, the ideal software or the most elegant paperwork. Unfortunately, developing each of those takes time, and can result in a constant loop of careful refining and redesigning, resulting in a very nearly perfect approach which never gets released in… Read More »

Book Review: Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin – an important book, particularly for salespeople

This is a book that has been around for a while and has picked up some very good reviews. We agree, this is an excellent, thought provoking read, and deserves a higher profile. Talent not being a major part of somebody’s performance make-up seems counter-intuitive. Naturally talented is a phrase we might all use about… Read More »

Making A Comeback

Times are changing fast and jobs, roles and personnel are changing with them. That makes a step into an old role far scarier than it might at first appear. Lance Armstrong made a surprising return to cycling after four years, having retired at the top of his game. A finish on the podium of the… Read More »