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Start From Here

Performance Management is a hot topic in many organisations as they struggle to define themselves as high performing businesses. The difficulty many face is that the organisation holds many different views about what performance management means and different parts of the business deliver performance management differently. This can mean that more time is spent discussing… Read More »

Total Coaching

Linking coaching with objectives and project tasks or activities is a highly productive and effective modern method of training and developing people in organisations, especially for staff in teams and departments, and for developing organisations themselves. Although coaching has become a very widespread development tool, there are issues about how best to manage and deliver… Read More »

The Trend Continues – (Some) Field Salespeople Are an Endangered Species

It should come as no surprise to read last weeks announcement that the pharma giant Merck is planning to lay-off a large part of its salesforce. Saying that they can create more sales momentum from other channels such as product marketing, brands and sales promotion is becoming a common refrain. They are only following a… Read More »

Identifying Salespeople Who Can Make A Difference

Here we give you a quick checklist to help identify the salespeople who can create new value for you. They can conceptualise things that don’t yet exist. They read widely across their sector and adjacent sectors too. They have specialism in something, whether it’s the customer type, the products/services, the market sector, the geographical culture… Read More »

Management Development

Most organisations recognise that their success is dependent on having a pro-active, value adding management population. However fewer organisations are actually able to translate that aspiration into a really effective management development programme. What will a Structured Training Management Development programme deliver for you? Strategically aligned performance improvement An operationally effective and results driven management… Read More »

Managing Change

Change is a day-to-day reality for organisations. In order to succeed they have to be able to adapt. But there’s no single model of change and no single solution to managing it effectively. Many kinds of organisational change occur, for example, culture change, restructuring, reorganising, each of which may mean something different to different people… Read More »

Rules to Skills to Values – The Journey To Sales Team Empowerment

Rules based sales teams will achieve only so much because of the significant management overhead required in making sure they stick to the rules. Activity targets, deadline targets, email reminders, lists of can and can’t do things, are all evidence of rules based sales cultures. What they create is an environment where salespeople don’t focus… Read More »

Are These Issues Affecting Your Business?

Motivating Staff Learning the job Skills development Change process Delegating Appraisals and assessments Problem solving Task performance Relationship issues Planning and reviewing Team building Staff development Team working Succession planning Then you may be in a situation where you need to be doing coaching of your own. In a world that is changing so rapidly… Read More »