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Body Language Cues – Lying

One of the easiest ways to spot that someone is lying, or covering something up, is that they cover their mouths when they talk, or don’t talk. Send a small child on a shopping trip to buy something nice for Mother’s Day and then, when they come back, get the Mother in question to ask what they… Read More »

How to Sell More … Tomorrow

Go ahead and sing along, just like Annie, and the sun will come out tomorrow.  Or maybe it won’t.  It doesn’t really matter to your sales results (unless you’re in the ice cream business).  What does matter is you and your cheerful belief that it will. There are certain professions where people just seem to naturally know… Read More »

Creating A Person Specification Before Hiring Someone New

A really useful document to create when you’re thinking of hiring someone new is the person specification.  It specifies the kind of person best suited to fill the job.  The real value is in the conversations you have whilst creating the specification.  That allows you to really think through what you need for the role.… Read More »

Harry Potter MBTI Style

Don’t know your Myers-Briggs personality? Take the Myers-Briggs test and see which Harry Potter character you’re most like! This awesome graphic was posted by Imgur (click the link to get a full sized chart that’s readable).  Devised by GoodDieYoungButGreatAlwaysLast.

Giving Feedback To Unsuccessful Applicants

Job applicants often put heart and soul into applications, only to find they are completely ignored.  Not getting an interview is disappointing, but getting no feedback at all is disheartening and frustrating.  It’s hard to improve your applications if you’re not getting interviews and you’re not getting any feedback as to why you’re not successful.… Read More »

Proust Questionnaire

With the holidays almost upon us, Christmas parties are in full swing and soon we’ll be looking forward to the year ahead. It’s a great time to explore the ‘Proust Questionnaire’. This structured set of questions have drawn revealing and insightful answers from people from the salons of fin de siècle France through to the… Read More »