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Developing Sales Proposals

The sales proposal is often the result of extensive effort. Poor proposals waste the investment and effort involved.  Get it right to improve your sales efficiency. Overview Written communication is an essential skill for all salespeople. As organisations become more complex, the need and circulation of proposals increases. Common errors include lack of clarity, irrelevance… Read More »

The Ultimate TED Talk

You’ve probably seen a TED talk before.  If you have you may have been inspired.  This TED style talk may inspire you too, quite what you’ll be inspired to do we don’t know, but all the elements are there to engage and motivate you, all it’s missing is the point. It is a masterclass in giving a,… Read More »

How To Make a Dreaded Cold Call

Even if you are good at selling in a face-to-face situation, using the telephone for a introductory call needs additional, different skills.  Known techniques must be applied in a new way.  If you normally work in an office in a sales function, you may not see yourself as a salesperson.  For you to make an introductory… Read More »

Should I Answer the Question?

“More trouble is caused in the world by indiscreet answers than by indiscreet questions”  – Sydney Harris. Listening to politicians, sports people and executives being interviewed on the radio this morning, it seems that no-one wants to answer a question.  In the everyday business world life isn’t always so easy.  If you’re giving a presentation and you allow… Read More »