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Personal Effectiveness for Sales People

An effective salesperson may achieve greater results than an ineffective salesperson of greater sales ability. Working hard is not enough; top salespeople need to be effective. Overview A salesperson with great knowledge/skills will achieve less than someone with lesser knowledge/skills, but who is significantly more effective. With pressure on time increasing, slack time has become… Read More »

Management Development Priorities

Take a minute to consider how many of the following pain points relate to your management population: Managers are promoted on their technical rather than managerial ability Some managers become irrelevant with people working around rather than through them Some are great people managers, some really deliver results, but few managers actually do both, consistently… Read More »

Time Management – Not That Old Chestnut!

If all the training requests that come in to learning and development departments following appraisal rounds were voting slips then it’s pretty easy to guess where the landslide would fall – Time Management. People in organisations across the UK struggle to manage their time, and they feel that their employers should do more to help… Read More »