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When Business Slows Down – The Ten Fundamentals

When business slows down remember these ten timeless fundamentals: Cash is king, not profit. Obsess about tracking the amount of available cash. Chase debtors, invoice correctly. Pay your own bills on time, not early. If possible sell underperforming assets, write off old stock, turn it into cash. Losing customers is a disaster. Develop customer retention… Read More »

Badwill And The Shovel Ready Foxtrot Economy

The recession has launched its own share of buzzwords, here’s a few we’ve been hearing lately. If there are any you’re noticing trending, let us know. Badwill: The opposite of goodwill, the negative effect on sales and share price (or electoral chances) experienced when the public learns about unacceptable personal or business practices. Dead Cat… Read More »

Generating New Business

How do top sales people generate new business in a tough economic market? In all the conversations we have with sales people recently their biggest challenge is winning new customers. So much so that many simply don’t do it and purely focus on their existing customers and hope they have built enough relationship equity for… Read More »

The Recession Is Now A Year Old

The recession is now a year old (happy birthday?) and during that year employees have been under pressure. Pressure to deliver results with reduced budgets, pressure to bring in new business when leads have dried up, pressure from seeing friends and colleagues leaving their business and those of their customers and suppliers through redundancy and… Read More »

Changing Your Organisation – Recession Or Not

Assuming you’ve already made the critical changes required for your organisation to survive, the next challenge is how should you change your organisation to thrive? Different approaches are being deployed; some organisations believing any further change is dangerously destabilising, others who believe that developmental rather than remedial change is always required if opportunities are to… Read More »

The Increased Pressure On Sales People

Over the past few months it has become noticeable that sales people are feeling the increased pressure of the current economic climate. I’ve seen the increased amount of sales training we’re delivering to two specific groups in particular; firstly people who are new to sales and secondly more experienced sales people who are, frankly, struggling… Read More »

The Practical Application Of Leadership Behaviour

Leading in troubled times is a common business theme at present, with the usual emphasis on charismatic, hugely successful entrepreneurs telling us (it’s always telling) how we should be doing things differently. However, we thought we would offer a different perspective on how anyone in your organisation can add significant value by demonstrating leadership behaviour.… Read More »