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The Trend Continues – (Some) Field Salespeople Are an Endangered Species

It should come as no surprise to read last weeks announcement that the pharma giant Merck is planning to lay-off a large part of its salesforce. Saying that they can create more sales momentum from other channels such as product marketing, brands and sales promotion is becoming a common refrain. They are only following a… Read More »

What Are The Circumstances Where B2B Field Salespeople Can Flourish?

Given the challenges some sales organisations face (see ‘The Trend Continues – (Some) Field Salespeople Are an Endangered Species’), how can you avoid these problems? Be in a market where buyers risk is high. These days this is beyond the control of any sales organisation. Buyers risk is a function of how a buyer feels… Read More »

Identifying Salespeople Who Can Make A Difference

Here we give you a quick checklist to help identify the salespeople who can create new value for you. They can conceptualise things that don’t yet exist. They read widely across their sector and adjacent sectors too. They have specialism in something, whether it’s the customer type, the products/services, the market sector, the geographical culture… Read More »

Connecting With The C-Suite

Are you capable of having a C-Suite conversation? Anybody with the word Chief in their job title; be it with Executive, Financial, Technology, or Information these are the people that lead businesses. Salespeople that can hold a credible conversation in the C-suite will open up more opportunities for themselves and the products/services they sell. What… Read More »