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How you organise your business to delight your clients

How you organise your business to delight your clients, to optimise your resources and to release peoples’ potential. Highly evolved organisations have a low design imperative, spending their time on developing coping and workaround strategies rather than focusing on creating additional value add. What You Need Create a scalable and sustainable organisational design that will deliver the required… Read More »

Focusing On Developing Your Competitive Advantage

As the old truism has it; ‘Give the people what they want and they will buy’; if you do that successfully and you do it better than other businesses making a similar offer you have competitive advantage. Let’s look at this a bit more scientifically. There are five major sources of competitive advantage: Distinctive Competence… Read More »

Rediscovering The SWOT Analysis

One on the tools that every budding business management student thinks they are familiar with is the SWOT analysis. Below we take a fresh look at its potential and how it’s misused. Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats Familiarity with SWOT has bred misuse. We often see it being used to simply capture obvious… Read More »

Seeing Into The Future – Five Business Strategy Questions People Will Pay Large Sums For Insight Into The Most Likely Outcome

We’ve always lived in interesting times, but mid 2010, there are some fascinating questions exercising people with the brains the size of planets in working out the best strategic response. What do you think will happen? Will putting up a pay wall around the Times newspapers work? Can generic news content, laced with a few… Read More »

Being In The Matrix – There Is No Spoon*

Matrix structures are sometimes the only effective way of deploying a multi-dimensional strategy. The problem is they are beyond many organisations’ maturity to successfully execute. In fact some attempts have failed so badly it can be career limiting to even suggest ‘going matrix’ around some CEO’s. However, for some organisations a matrix gives them the… Read More »

Strategic Development… For Sales Leaders Who Want To Up The Pace

The purpose of the organisation defines many aspects of its performance. People become energised and motivated not simply by a set of financial targets but for reasons that connect with their own aspirations and needs. These reasons come from an understanding of the organisation’s purpose. Purpose equals vision. Vision is the motive force that drives… Read More »

Making Personal Change

People live with change constantly: in a lifetime, everyone goes through personal transformation from infancy to adolescence, young adulthood, middle age and finally old age. A career path may lead from subordinate to junior management, middle management, senior management and even on to board level or consultancy. Change has been described as the single most… Read More »