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What Does Success Look Like?

We’re frequently asked if there are any recurring characteristics that act as a ‘lightning conductor’ to revealing a company’s likely success. Well, we’ve thought about it and come up with the following list. Note they apply to companies that have been successful over the long not short term, and are in no particular order: An… Read More »

The Job Interview

If you’re reading this whilst out of work or you know someone (especially a young person) who is looking for work please pass it on. In our outplacement work we have found these to be significant drivers in peoples’ success rate when attending the job interview*. Use These Phrases At The Appropriate Time I am… Read More »

What Do You Think Will Happen?

Six real time business plays that in a few years time, with hindsight, will look like obvious successes or failures. Digital books. Will the Amazon Kindle (still to arrive in the UK) dominate? Or will Sony’s Reader do the business? Or will the iphone make (another) category jump and redefine a market category? iphone. If… Read More »

It’s A Trust Thing

Over the last few weeks it seems that news broadcasts have been dominated by breach of trust issues whether it’s the questionable ethics of politicians, the BBC’s phone-in policies or most recently the Tour de France doping problems. The pre-Tour favourite Vinokourov suffered a nasty crash, damaging his prospects, but was then found to have… Read More »

What Makes An Effective Team?

Where are the most common places teams are talked about? Work and sport. And what is the common denominator that connects the two? Competition. We believe that one of the most effective ways to compete is through effective teamwork. Team sports are all about collective endeavour, the English Rugby World Cup winners and Liverpool football… Read More »