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Building An Effective Team

A practical course, which will enable participants to encourage members of their team to work co-operatively with others within their own team and with other departments to optimise their collective contribution. The course covers aspects of team dynamics, leadership and group problem solving. Who Should Attend Managers, supervisors and leaders at all levels in the organisation… Read More »

How To Be A Good Team Member

An effective team is more productive than a group of loners. Teams settle down over time. To be effective quickly, the individuals need to acquire key skills and understand team dynamics. Overview A team is far more than a group of loners. An effective team shows greater results, resilience and creativity than a group of… Read More »

Diversity – It’s About Contribution, Not Quotas

We hear a lot about diversity in organisations, with many who want to retain their image as socially responsible employers hiring Diversity Managers to ensure their credentials, yet does a focus on diversity bring it about? Many diversity initiatives mean that the numbers of people in different sorts of jobs are calculated according to age,… Read More »

Be Careful, Your Prejudices Are On Show

You cannot understand others unless you understand yourself. Self awareness and personal insight increases perception and sensitivity towards others. A way of observing managers who have little self awareness is to look at whom they are close to at work and who they are not, often showing their prejudices in revealing ways. Take the building… Read More »

Can’t Buy Me Success

As Manchester City changes hands again, from a very wealthy owner to a stupendously wealthy one, fans and impartial observers alike are thinking ahead to a Premier League that will be just a little different over the next few years. Manchester City has always had to look across the city to their more successful neighbours… Read More »

Empowerment: Getting Behind The Many Misunderstandings Of This Powerful Organisational Capability

Why don’t the people in my team show more empowerment? Why doesn’t my manager give me more empowerment? This common cri de coeur is often built on a misunderstanding of what empowerment really is about: Empowerment is not a synonym for delegation. Delegation is about giving authority and responsibility but not accountability to someone. Empowerment… Read More »

Making The Team Work

This week is giving us plenty of opportunities to see teams operating at their best, and at their worst. As The Apprentice comes to an end it’s clear that the show and the process have little to do with team work and everything to do with looking out for personal interests. This can happen all… Read More »

Peer Group Pressure Is Connected To A Team’s Ability To Give Each Other Feedback

One of the most difficult things for a manager to do is give difficult feedback. This is a common issue with significant amounts of training/coaching provision and HR time given to it. However there is a sub genre of this issue that gets very little attention, in many ways causing even more difficulty when trying… Read More »

The ‘I’ In Team

We often hear that “There’s no ‘I’ in team”, a nice idea, but the reality is that teams are made up of individuals and individuals need to feel a sense of personal achievement as well as a sense of belonging. Team success is sometimes made up of a series of individual successes. Britain’s most successful… Read More »