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Viral Learning – A Future For Getting Ideas Across?

Why do some ideas stick and others fall by the way-side? E-learning has been a natural progression for training provision. Leading on from classroom sessions to distance learning, from one-to-one coaching to self-help manuals, the next step was to make learning available electronically either online or offline. E-learning has had mixed results. Where it has… Read More »

Government Funding For Real Training

Do you have 5-249 Employees? Would you like free structured training? In these tough times the UK Government recognises that the way to future success is through proven, impactful, commercial training and is offering funding for such training. The type of funding available is for courses such as the Sales, Management and Leadership Training offered… Read More »

Getting Your Skills Fix

The dictionary definition of training is “the process of bringing a person to an agreed standard of proficiency by practice and instruction”. In business, however, it’s not just the ‘process’ which an individual has to go through in order to be proficient in their role but also the speed at which this transition (and resulting… Read More »

Training Sales Managers To Coach Without Context Will Not Deliver Improved Results

“We are all coaches now” said an International Sales Director at a recent conference. Later at the same event a new Performance Management system was introduced that required managers to sit down with their people twice a year and complete an on-line appraisal. Sales managers complained they hadn’t got time to do it properly. What… Read More »

Working Around The Problem

Many organisations offer management training programmes to their employees; some offer management development programmes, sometimes there’s a difference beyond the name. The key determinant of their effectiveness is whether managers are doing a better job. Employees are often the best judge of this, and where employment levels are high they may vote with their feet.… Read More »

Competency Frameworks

What Is A Competency?The term competency is now generally defined as the behaviours that employees must have, or must acquire, to input into a situation in order to achieve high levels of performance. BackgroundCompetencies emerged in the 1980s as a response to organisational changes and to wider changes in society. These changes included: Flatter organisational… Read More »


Many organisations are struggling to enable real learning (not just training) amongst a diverse population of employees in a way that is accessible, engaging, effective and aligned. Meanwhile self directed employees are becoming more demanding and are taking charge of their own development at a rate that many learning and development functions cannot keep pace… Read More »

Structured Training Open Courses Receive CPD Accreditations

All of our Courses are now CPD Accredited (Continuing Professional Development). The world in which all professionals practice is changing. Global competition has never been more intense, clients are more demanding and technology offers new ways of working. The knowledge base of the professionals and of the sectors in which they operate has also increased.… Read More »

A New Manager’s Guide to Leading a Team – (Part 2 – where does leadership fit in?)

Manager and Leader? Manager or Leader? Manager not Leader? Many organisations are over managed and under led? Why? Often, leadership is the stuff that gets squeezed out by all the ‘management’ requirements. Part of the difficulty of leadership is that it is viewed as an attribute as well as an activity; this is the hoary… Read More »