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Integrating People with Technology To Drive Transformational Service Delivery

Effective service delivery can be transformed by the effective and clever integration of appropriate technology. Anybody who has ordered over the internet and received an instant confirmation email showing everything is correct will know how effectively it reduces purchasing anxiety, especially when followed up with further emails showing order progress. Or the effective application of… Read More »

Are You Director Material?

This month we provide a checklist for you to test yourself against the benchmark for being an effective Director. If you are already a Director then this will provide a wake-up call to make sure you are still doing all you need to. Do you have the required minimum intellectual horsepower to understand and contribute… Read More »

Interviewing An Apprentice

This year’s Apprentice season has come to an end and not only has Sir Alan given someone a new job, he looks to have landed one for himself too.The Apprentice makes for great TV viewing, with plenty of lessons to be learned, mostly around not putting yourself or your family through a reality TV show.… Read More »

Would Anyone Miss Your Brand?

With mergers, rescues and collapses having been a major part of business life over the past year it’s worth reflecting on some of those brands which have disappeared or will disappear soon. This week Lloyds Banking Group has announced that Cheltenham and Gloucester branches will be leaving the high street. Along with them go Abbey,… Read More »

Turning Difficult Customers Into Lifelong Fans

Do difficult times produce difficult customers or have they just always been there? We recently received this unsolicited testimonial from a participant on one of our sales training courses. “I took the bull by the horns and contacted my ‘difficult customer’. I used open questions to all his objections, utilised the cycle technique and pinned… Read More »

Government Funding For Real Training

Do you have 5-249 Employees? Would you like free structured training? In these tough times the UK Government recognises that the way to future success is through proven, impactful, commercial training and is offering funding for such training. The type of funding available is for courses such as the Sales, Management and Leadership Training offered… Read More »

Innovation/Creativity – It’s Easy To Talk About, Much Harder To Actually Do

Every business talks about being ‘innovative’ or being more ‘creative’ as part of its vision or values. Management will talk about blue sky thinking, or its more robust cousin blue ocean strategy, without doing much else. Often people will talk about innovation and creativity as the same thing which doesn’t help. You might mean them… Read More »

Bird Flu, Banks, Swines and You

It seems that we’re never too far from a crisis. Whether we’re crunched by credit, panicked by pandemics, or outraged by outbreaks, there’s always something to be worried about. It may seem that all that worry is wasted energy, and to a large degree it is, however, some of that concern delivers real benefits when… Read More »

How Would You Rate The Significance To Your Organisation (In The Next 6 Months) The Following Business Development/Survival Strategies?

We ran a survey last month with the above title asking people to rate the importance of a range of business development techniques from irrelevant to critical. Below we post the aggregated results, from most to least significant. Getting customer service right (most significant) Launching new products Reducing costs New ways of working Web based… Read More »

100 Days Of Management

Barack Obama has just completed his first 100 days as President of the United States. He’s put in place a $787bn economic stimulus plan, put 2m acres of wilderness under federal protection, set in place a major reform of healthcare and acquired a new dog. A Gallup poll indicates that a majority of Americans feel… Read More »

Customer Satisfaction – Is It Enough?

Businesses all talk about ensuring customer satisfaction as a priority. They even do detailed and lengthy surveys to determine just how satisfied their customers are – and why? – because we all know the old adage that unhappy customers tell more people of their woes than happy customers do of their joys. Whichever statistics you… Read More »