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The Difference Between Those In Sales Management Positions That Can Add Value And Those That Can’t

This year has shown that in tough times some approaches are more effective than others, some sales leaders really do shown a navigable path through to improved performance, whilst other less able managers add no value at all through their visible anxiety and single dimensional approach. We have captured the main difference in a table… Read More »

Tales From The Riverbank – Sales Version

What we have learned from our travels in the UK this year: When you have had your Starbucks type refuelling stop and are getting up to leave always look back at the table and chair you were sitting in. Often something will be left behind. This also works well in taxis. In hotel rooms always… Read More »

Christmas-time Reading

Some older books, some new ones; all are worth the price of a cheap meal out, much more sustaining, and all are non-fattening: The Complete works of Malcolm Gladwell – his stuff makes you think, makes you smile and makes you think again. There are three books “The Tipping Point”, “Blink!” and “Outliers” plus a… Read More »

Values Driven Culture

What do the MPs expenses row and the Banking Crisis have in common? A set of rules being followed without a framework of values to inform peoples’ behaviour. It’s striking how similar the two issues were. People saying they’ve done nothing illegal, done nothing wrong, simply following the rules. What is scary about this is… Read More »

People Howlers

Given the end of the year is looming we thought we would capture in one place the 10 worst examples of people management practices we have come across this year: Using the economy as a reason to get rid of people rather than engaging with them around the real reason why they are not suitable.… Read More »

Proust Questionnaire

With the holidays almost upon us, Christmas parties are in full swing and soon we’ll be looking forward to the year ahead. It’s a great time to explore the ‘Proust Questionnaire’. This structured set of questions have drawn revealing and insightful answers from people from the salons of fin de siècle France through to the… Read More »

Connecting Great Leaders To Daily Business Behaviours That Demonstrates A Leader Mind-set

In a recent course on Leadership a wide range of inspirational leaders were suggested by participants. Ranging from the well-known ‘greats’; Sir Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King to the more controversial; Baroness Margaret Thatcher, Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates. What do these inspiring figures have in common other than their ability… Read More »

The Difference Between Organisational Competences and Distinctiveness Competences

If you are serious about increasing your organisation’s competitive advantage you will need to understand if you have clarity around the strength of your distinctive competences. The basics first: A competence is something the organisation does. Every organisation has competences, fewer ones have distinctive competences. A distinctive competence is something the organisation does materially better… Read More »

Why Culture Change Is Not Understood – With A Short Guide To Greater Understanding

The recent past has forced many organisations to confront a painful truth. There was something amiss in their culture which meant either they didn’t see the problems coming as the clouds of recession gathered and/or their culture is inhibiting their ability to respond effectively to the new economic realities. Hence the need for culture change.… Read More »

Badwill And The Shovel Ready Foxtrot Economy

The recession has launched its own share of buzzwords, here’s a few we’ve been hearing lately. If there are any you’re noticing trending, let us know. Badwill:The opposite of goodwill, the negative effect on sales and share price (or electoral chances) experienced when the public learns about unacceptable personal or business practices. Dead Cat Bounce:A… Read More »