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The Power Of Telephone Behaviour

Dealing with people on the telephone requires a different set of interpersonal skills than if talking face-to-face. If compensations and allowances are not made, the caller can be made to feel unwanted and a nuisance. The telephone does however have certain powers. The key to harnessing these powers is TELEPHONE BEHAVIOUR. If you handle the… Read More »

Why Everyone Can’t Be Talented And How Some Organisations Deal With The Opportunity

Given a standard distribution curve, the amount of really talented managers in business is going to be relatively small. The bulge of managers (as opposed to a manager’s bulge) will be around the middle, classified as average. If that point is then scaled up to the business level, and we assume that talent equals upper… Read More »

What Every Business To Business (B2B) Organisation Is Trying To Achieve

When all the strategies have been written, all the workshops attended, and all the board meetings or management meetings sat through, what all B2B businesses are trying to achieve is the same thing: Organisations what to deliver an enhanced Customer Experience through optimising all interactions – in all integrated dimensions – more cheaply To increase… Read More »

A Look Into The Current workplace – Why Some Young People Still Don’t Get How To Increase/Reduce Their Credibility Through Appearance And Speech

Dress The younger you are the more appearance will contribute to your credibility (or not). The older you get the more licence you obtain in being individual or weird, depending on taste. Too much visible skin is one of the most common mistakes young people make. No manager should have to observe in a meeting… Read More »

10 New Sales Resolutions That Will Improve your Business Performance (For Sales Directors)

Make your sales managers fully accountable for their teams’ performance. Give them the resources and let them get on with it. Nail your sales strategy. Is it distinctive, compelling, clear, and embedded throughout the sales organisation? Become the custodian for your Customer Value Proposition. Fight with marketing if necessary. Look to constantly improve and develop.… Read More »

The SalesPathways 2007 Service Awards

During our 2007 travels we have experienced many different levels of service. We thought it was timely to mention the stand out ones we have been lucky enough to experience during the year. Hilton Metropole – NEC BirminghamNeeding some urgent printing (only 3 pages), business centre closed, reception busy, already checked out, no cash to… Read More »