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Abandoning Coterminosity In Favour Of Success

The Local Government Association (LGA) recently published a list of 200 words or phrases that it feels its members should avoid using. They are concerned that an increasing level of jargon has made its way into local government documentation and publications, leading to confusion and a lack of understanding. Some of the words and phrases… Read More »

On Bottling It

So the new UK series of The Apprentice is on it’s way. Pre publicity informs us that one of the contestants didn’t make it through the first night, packing up his suitcase and heading home before the first task was announced. His reasoning – 12 weeks is a long time to be apart from your… Read More »

The Top Ten Myths Of Getting The Best From People

There are certain people related practices that are deemed necessary in the modern organisation. Some of these tools are at best implemented poorly; at worst completely misunderstood and create a worse effect than not being used at all. 1. Money based incentives are the most effective motivator. If you motivate people with money, that’s what… Read More »

The Inside Christmas Stories From Lapland HQ…

Elves job security is still a huge talking point. The cancelling of Christmas rumour is seen by most as a wild exaggeration although cut backs cannot be ruled out. Present lists are still as long as usual but there is far more parental scribbling out, even expletives next to some present requests. Elves redundancy rules… Read More »