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Understanding Business Sports Speak

A constant complaint from people in organisations is the volume of buzz-words and gobbledygook spoken by people in meetings. It’s not just that running your ducks up a flagpole to see if they can sing hymns is annoying; often the phrases make no sense. Sporting phrases can be confusing to non-sports fans and Americanisms confusing… Read More »

Performance Management: Let’s Start At Your Beginning

Performance Management is a hot topic in many organisations as they struggle to define themselves as high performing businesses. The difficulty many face is that the organisation holds many different views about what performance management means and different parts of the business deliver performance management differently. This can mean that more time is spent discussing… Read More »

Sales Management: The 7 Most Common (And Expensive) Mistakes Organisations Make When Creating The Role

Let’s get the hoary old chestnut out of the way first. Promoting the best salesperson in the team to be its manager. Sometimes works, more often doesn’t. Few companies actually think about the (different) competencies required to be a sales manager, they just hope ‘some of the magic rubs off’. Sales managers need to be… Read More »

The 8 Most Common Personal Attributes Of The High Performing Business To Business Salesperson

Some of the attributes are obviously identifiable, some more interesting. High need for personal achievement Insecure enough to need the constant reassurance of success Secure enough to deal with rejection Likes people Sufficient emotional resources – self motivated, secure in own self-image Happy to be thought of as a sales person; carries no negative baggage… Read More »

An Organisational Users Guide To The Effective Use Of E-mail

E-mail overuse and misuse is killing many organisations productivity and morale. We believe firm action is needed. From being in many different organisations, with different cultures, we have distilled the issues into 13 rules. See how many you can stick to. The first thing we noticed is the people who complain most about e-mail volumes… Read More »

Change – Sticking With It

Change programmes fail far too often. In response organisations spend plenty of time planning the change (a sensible idea), launching it, communicating it (another must do), but still find themselves losing enthusiasm when the excitement of the new change has worn off and the daily reality of making the change work becomes the focus. Change… Read More »

Tara, Seat Of Kings

Tara Seat Of Kings is an unusual abstract game where each player vies for power, attempting to become High King of Ireland by gaining control of two of the four provinces. The game is intensely tactical with the placing of pieces on the board restricted by the cards a player holds and the funds they… Read More »

Making The Team Work

This week is giving us plenty of opportunities to see teams operating at their best, and at their worst. As The Apprentice comes to an end it’s clear that the show and the process have little to do with team work and everything to do with looking out for personal interests. This can happen all… Read More »