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Value Based Selling

The sales person’s role is evolving and nowadays they are expected to become consultants who understand all aspects of the customer’s business. Simply taking orders is unacceptable and selling on price continues to diminish allowing scope for competitors to get in on the action. The essence of value added selling is differentiating yourself and your… Read More »

Management Development

Most organisations recognise that their success is dependent on having a pro-active, value adding management population. However fewer organisations are actually able to translate that aspiration into a really effective management development programme. What will a Structured Training Management Development programme deliver for you? Strategically aligned performance improvement An operationally effective and results driven management… Read More »

The Adding Value Salesperson versus Commodity Selling

Salespeople’s ability to add value to the sales process is in direct proportion to the customer’s perception of how commoditised the product or service is they are buying. A salesperson trying to add value through better needs/application alignment, contextual understanding, subtle reading of the customer’s pain points or clever networking (all elements of value based… Read More »