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How Value Chains Mature – The Dangers of Creeping Commoditisation

Many organisations are dealing with the issue where parts (all?) of their market-place are commoditising, i.e. where the customer perceives the product/service they are purchasing is sufficiently understood by them so that the decision as to which one, independent of any technical or expert help where key benefit attributes like quality, reliability and availability can… Read More »

What Are The Circumstances Where B2B Field Salespeople Can Flourish?

Given the challenges some sales organisations face (see ‘The Trend Continues – (Some) Field Salespeople Are an Endangered Species’), how can you avoid these problems? Be in a market where buyers risk is high. These days this is beyond the control of any sales organisation. Buyers risk is a function of how a buyer feels… Read More »

The Adding Value Salesperson versus Commodity Selling

Salespeople’s ability to add value to the sales process is in direct proportion to the customer’s perception of how commoditised the product or service is they are buying. A salesperson trying to add value through better needs/application alignment, contextual understanding, subtle reading of the customer’s pain points or clever networking (all elements of value based… Read More »