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Why Is A Great Innovating Company, In Reality, More Of An Also Ran?

If you had a 60 year history of producing electronics, had produced many segment defining products, some backed with proprietary technology you licensed to competitors and then, to protect your supply chain, you bought a film studio and a record company you would think you had a real chance of future proofing your business. Wrong.… Read More »

Hands Up Who Gets Marketing?

Ask that question in an FMCG business and there would be a strong showing. Ask it in many B2B businesses and the response would be far patchier. In many B2B organisations Marketing is a proxy for Marketing Communications (MarComms). Often the head of marketing is also the Sales Director who employs a marketing person or… Read More »

The Adding Value Salesperson versus Commodity Selling

Salespeople’s ability to add value to the sales process is in direct proportion to the customer’s perception of how commoditised the product or service is they are buying. A salesperson trying to add value through better needs/application alignment, contextual understanding, subtle reading of the customer’s pain points or clever networking (all elements of value based… Read More »