Do You Have ‘Apprentice’ Potential?

By | June 14, 2007

So Sir Alan has chosen Simon Ambrose to be his apprentice for the year. It’s been enjoyable viewing with the usual selection of quite nice people, fantasists and megalomaniacs fighting it out because ‘basically they fundamentally believe they can really deliver if they just get the chance’.
For people who interview potential employees on a regular basis the programme is gripping viewing, not least for the totally un-PC interview section. Choosing employees is never easy, even with the kind of intensive scrutiny available in the Apprentice as Amstrad have found.

Recruitment is often the biggest investment decision a manager will make in any year, and a professional decision is key. Clarity about what you want in new employees is important, with clear job and person descriptions supported by competencies making decisions easier, yet only providing a backbone for your decision.

Predaptive’s Assessment Centres provide organisations with best practice decision tools that give candidates every opportunity to show their best qualities and allow managers to make informed, objective decisions. This approach guards against unintentional bias and discrimination, as well as providing managers with a clear view of how to get the most from the employee(s) they hire.

To find out more about how Predaptive’s Assessment and Development Centres could work for you contact us.

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