Feeding The Development Need

By | May 10, 2007

Developing the people who work in your business is a good idea. People often feel they should be providing learning opportunities across the business but budget and time restrictions mean they feel limited in what they can offer and who to.

We’ve found that the employees who get most out of learning are those who actively seek them out, who look for development and feedback opportunities, and make plans to put their new learning into practice. These aren’t always the people who are requesting that their company funds their MBA, but who are trying out new skills, asking for advice and reading widely.

E-learning can be an excellent solution to provide a broad range of learning topics available to people as and when they need it, and delivered at a pace that suits them. A cost effective approach to providing a wide range of material to a broad base of the organisation, our e-learning can be used to help people gain an understanding of core work skills such as:


Time Management



Appraisal Interviewing

Dealing With Difficult People

Interviewing Skills

Management Communication

Motivating Employees

Writing Reports

Letter Writing

Managing Meetings

Decision Making & Problem Solving

Handling Discipline & Reprimand

Gaining Agreement


Telephone Communication

Sales Awareness

Customer Care


To find out more about how you can provide high quality learning material cost effectively across your organisation contact us.

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