How Proficient Are You?

By | April 12, 2007

The new cycling proficiency test has been launched, under the snappy new title Bikeability. As a child I looked forward to being old enough to take the test and earn my badge as my parents had convinced me that it was illegal to ride on the road, or unaccompanied by a qualified cyclist. I passed the test and set off on my bike, looking, listening, indicating and stopping at all junctions.

Then I passed my driving test and did the same in a car. Both were a long time ago. I’ve learned a lot about riding and driving since those days. I can drive hundreds of miles a week with no recollection of the driving skills I used. I’m sure I’m a safer road user, but I have no objective evidence. There’s no re-testing required, and I’ve no doubt picked up some bad habits. The only feedback I get is my insurance premium and an occasional hand gesture from another driver.

People have the same difficulty at work, they’ve been on the courses, they know how to lead, manage, sell or plan, they do it day in day out whilst other things happen to distract them. Constructive feedback that helps people to improve is hard to come by. Taking some time out to reflect, either by working with a coach, attending a workshop or gaining 360° feedback, helps people to understand how they’re doing and become consciously competent again.

If you need a reminder of how long it was since you took your cycling proficiency test, try taking this quiz before you next put on your helmet.

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