Identifying Salespeople Who Can Make A Difference

By | July 13, 2007

Here we give you a quick checklist to help identify the salespeople who can create new value for you.

  1. They can conceptualise things that don’t yet exist.
  2. They read widely across their sector and adjacent sectors too.
  3. They have specialism in something, whether it’s the customer type, the products/services, the market sector, the geographical culture or something else that’s relevant. This specialism is in addition to knowing enough about everything else. Generalist salespeople (often just territory focused) will struggle.
  4. They are voracious learners, always wanting to acquire new knowledge and skills. They do this pro-actively, not waiting for their organisation to provide things, but create learning for themselves.
  5. They can articulate a vision for their market-place that includes the major change drivers and resulting possible futures. They do this not in a self serving way that positions their own offering as always being the answer, but from a balanced, professional perspective.
  6. They are energetic networkers, constantly looking to make new connections across the whole market landscape.
  7. They are passionate pragmatists. They constantly test the art of the possible, not pedantically seeking to prove absolutes. This is always done in a positive ‘can-do’ manner.
  8. They can hold a business, not just a sales conversation.
  9. They are passionate about building rapport with their customers, not through schmoozing (although that can sometimes be useful), but by adding value to the relationship with interesting contributions.
  10. They like co-creating solutions with customers, rather than selling packages.

In summary, these salespeople recognise they operate in a messy, chaotic world, rather than fight it, they embrace it.

SalesPathways run a very powerful development centre to help identify and develop these capabilities. To find out more contact us.

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