Leadership: Standing Four Square

By | January 17, 2008

In troubled times people turn to leaders to gain strength and confidence, it’s important to see that someone is at the helm, with a clear view of what to do and a good understanding of the situation. The most memorable example in the 21st Century was Rudolph Giuliani in 2001 when scared and confused New Yorkers needed someone to be strong on their behalf, giving them strength.

Leadership strength is not simply about bluster, aggression and false confidence. To happily follow a leader people need to feel certain not only that s/he has a good idea of where they should be going, but an understanding of how they feel too.

Leadership calls for decisiveness, balanced by good judgment and integrity. The conflicting demands to be strong, be understanding, be direct, be caring, be assertive, be honest yet be discreet can prove too much.

Truly effective leaders understand the conflicting demands and are able top make conscious decisions around the most appropriate course of action and the behaviours most likely to achieve the required outcomes, for the long as well as short term.

Having an open discussion about leadership and frank discussions about its impact on the business is a great way to further leadership within your organisation, though when people are conscious of their positions and their need to be seen as a strong leader, getting the debate started isn’t always easy.

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