Making Learning Work

By | March 12, 2008

Organisations spend a lot of money on learning and development, most of it going on training and the purchase learning resources. Often the investment is a good one in that well designed, practical and effective learning interventions are chosen. However at Predaptive we’re increasingly talking to organisations that find themselves with more learning resources than they know what to do with, and a workforce that’s struggling to find the learning resources they need.

Great programmes languish in binders, e-learning packages remain un-accessed, internal experts carry vital insights around in their heads, best practice templates are used only in small pockets of the business.

Managers, L&D Specialists and individual learners each have differing perspectives on the learning inputs needed, or whether any are needed at all. This can lead to learning initiatives simply not happening, or good programmes quickly atrophying as learning is not reinforced in the workplace.

Through our work on Learning Academies Predaptive have helped organisations to make the most of tensions within the business to provide effective learning, which is quickly absorbed and applied throughout the business.

Predaptive build on existing learning, training and best practice collateral, applying our principles of Technology Enabling People Engagement™ to ensure the right learning is it available to people just-in-time, in the way they want to access it increasing effectiveness and employee satisfaction.

To find out how Predaptive can help your organisation to make learning work for you contact us.

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