Making The Team Work

By | June 11, 2008

This week is giving us plenty of opportunities to see teams operating at their best, and at their worst.

As The Apprentice comes to an end it’s clear that the show and the process have little to do with team work and everything to do with looking out for personal interests. This can happen all too often in a corporate setting when the goals of the team and those of the individuals within it are not aligned. Throughout the show we’ve seen levels of bullying and ostracism which outrage your average school child, but are seen every week in offices and meeting rooms. Where standards of team behaviour don’t make bullying unacceptable, and individuals don’t challenge each other or themselves on how they treat others, unpleasant and destructive atmospheres which damage team effectiveness can develop.

Meanwhile the Euro 2008 football championships show teamwork in its most intense form. Very few other workers see their performance judged in real time by millions of partial and impartial people.

International competitions can prove interesting from a team perspective; each nation is free to pick their best players who may be major worldwide stars with their club teams, or journeymen in Europe’s less exciting leagues. Some players see the European Championships as an opportunity to represent their country and perhaps gain glory at home as part of a winning team, others clearly view them as an extended advertisement for their skills, viewed by the owners and managers of Champions League bound club teams.

This doesn’t always make for winning performances and international sides often disappoint as the collective egos of their Galáctico’s fail to gel into a coherent team with a free flowing way of working that ensures the best outcome for the team rather than each individual.

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