On Bottling It

By | April 22, 2009

So the new UK series of The Apprentice is on it’s way. Pre publicity informs us that one of the contestants didn’t make it through the first night, packing up his suitcase and heading home before the first task was announced. His reasoning – 12 weeks is a long time to be apart from your family. Well – duh!

Many people taking on new challenges and new jobs fail before the first hurdle has even come into view simply because they didn’t think through the consequences. 12 weeks is a long time to be away from your family, but it’s a clear condition of participation. An overseas posting is exciting and challenging, but it will involve living overseas. That’s something that needs thinking about, and something may need the agreement and active support of family members (whether or not they’re coming too). A new promotion with lots of extra money can sound great to everyone until the realisation that extra workload does mean hours locked in a study at home on weekends. Similarly, a downsizing move means less hours and more time with the family, but rarely does that come with more money. Look before you leap is a saying that’s lasted centuries because it’s sensible advice.

Think about your priorities before you climb up on top of a wall with the opportunity to leap or climb back down again maybe isn’t catchy, but it’s still good advice. Sir Alan seems to have taken the departure in his stride, claiming it makes his job just a little bit easier. But even Surralan isn’t immune from pulling back from an overstated position. Watch the title sequence to this year’s Apprentice. The claims of vast wealth and extravagant spending have been left out this year.


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