Presenting A Positive Impression

By | July 3, 2008

With some big businesses having to fess up to past and current mistakes which have resulted in big drops in both profit and share prices, it’s interesting to see how they cope with both presenting their message and dealing with the questions asked by interviewers.

Some approach the task in a state of denial, explaining that the news that they’re writing off millions is actually a great thing for investors, employees and customers, grinning happily and answering all questions with sentences containing the phrase ‘going forward’.

Others burst forth with bluster stating the facts, blaming the economy, and laying out what they’re going to do about it. Often this approach falls apart under questioning, with the impertinence of people wanting to know how decisions have been made earning particular scorn. This approach is not one loved by investors.

At a recent conference call with brokers one FTSE 250 chairman put the Fund Managers on hold (at precisely 10.49!) whilst he nipped to the loo fifteen minutes into his presentation. Clearly, this does not build investor confidence, particularly in his preparation and planning skills.

Not all presentations are quite so high profile, however they’re always important, and being able to confidently construct and deliver a message and answer questions in a credible way makes a big difference to the image of your business whether you’re presenting internally, presenting to suppliers or presenting to customers.

Getting your presentation style right, first time can be the difference between winning and losing the contract. We can help make sure you’re always on the winning side. For more information on our Presentation Skills Solutions contact us.

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