Rules to Skills to Values – The Journey To Sales Team Empowerment

By | March 15, 2007

Rules based sales teams will achieve only so much because of the significant management overhead required in making sure they stick to the rules. Activity targets, deadline targets, email reminders, lists of can and can’t do things, are all evidence of rules based sales cultures. What they create is an environment where salespeople don’t focus on the potential of their environment but on what’s allowed. Rules are about control; they drive out initiative and drive in dependency. Rules based selling is about doing and achieving the minimum.

Some sales organisations recognise this and move to skills based selling. Skills based selling will achieve more than rules based teams because the focus will change from prescription to improvement. Putting skills at the heart of a team’s reason for being means everybody becomes interested in making things work better, capturing the data around the current level of performance and then creating a development process to move to a higher level. Skills based selling is about doing and achieving more of what works.

The highest performing sales organisations work from a Values Based Selling perspective. They have a common purpose built around embedded personal and sales behaviours. This means the need for rules is minimised because everybody buys-in to the framework that drives performance. A simple example would be around activity data. Values based teams collect, share and use the data to drive performance not because they have to, but because they want to. And because one of their values will undoubtedly cover skills (or best practice, excellence, learning or some other development based focus) they will also focus on improvement.

Values based teams get on with supportive, value adding sales activities, is your sales team values based?

SalesPathways can show you how to become more values based and its benefits. To find out more please contact us.

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