Speed To Competency: A Blueprint For How To Find And Keep Good People

By | September 22, 2012

To Find And Keep Good People is the key to success. Your organisation needs to be aligned for greater performance, profitability and engagement.

Speed To Competency provides a Blueprint that covers the employee’s contribution from joining the organisation through to long-term meaningful career pathways that continually add value to the organisation’s vision and purpose.

Speed To Competency In 3 Steps:

Step 1:     fact-finding, data collection to examine your current talent management and development process (3 – 5 days)

Step 2:     analyse data on your existing performance and engagement measures (inc. turn-over/exits, satisfaction, productivity/quality, customer feedback etc. (3 – 5 days)

Step 3:     tailor the STC framework (aligned with strategic objectives/measures, ROI, culture style/language etc) to your organisation’s strategic purpose and vision: (6 – 10 days)

Implementing Speed To Competency

Once the STC framework has been developed, we will assist you in its implementation:

Train the Trainer – sessions to support your trainers and managers deliver STC for optimum effectiveness

Fully Supported Roll-out – phased handover of STC framework process to build confidence, consistency and reliability in the new working methodology


  • Position effective talent development as a strategic capability within the organisation
  • Design a structured, cohesive talent development programme that aligns with strategic objectives
  • Understand the different  ‘Learning Curves’ for people development whatever their point of entry
  • Integrate best practice development into your organisation’s purpose and culture
  • Increase engagement and motivation through clear expectations and commitment to common objectives.
  • Equip leaders and managers to be effective role-models and coaches, creating a culture that obsesses over inputs as much as outputs


Depending on the size/diversity of your organisation, implementing STC could cost less than the average salary of one person – and be initiated within one month – driving transformational change throughout the entire organisation one step at a time.


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