Strategic Sales Leadership

By | January 4, 2007

To be effective in any sales organisation, a leader has to have the ability to influence using the four power bases appropriately. Generally the more effective the leader the more he/she will utilise personal power supported where necessary by expert power.

The role of the sales leader:

Task role:
– agreeing, setting and monitoring objectives
– planning, co-ordinating and clarifying situations and roles
– solving problems, assessing risks, implementing decisions

Team role:
training, coaching and delegating
– stimulating, consulting, facilitating and inspiring others
– sharing concepts, constructively criticising and disciplining

Political role:
– opening ‘doors’ removing obstacles/constraints
– promoting individuals, team, organisation
– networking
– mitiating change
– negotiating, persuading
managing conflict

Values role:
– supporting/shaping corporate values and culture
– acting as figureheads
– providing vision

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