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Ten Metres of Courage

Swedish directors Maximilien Van Aertryck and Axel Danielson  have made a wonderful little film that highlights human emotions in a totally unexpected way.  The premise is simple enough, people at a swimming baths in Gothenberg climb up a ten metre diving platform and then jump into the pool, or they don’t. These aren’t divers but regular people who have… Read More »

The Ultimate TED Talk

You’ve probably seen a TED talk before.  If you have you may have been inspired.  This TED style talk may inspire you too, quite what you’ll be inspired to do we don’t know, but all the elements are there to engage and motivate you, all it’s missing is the point. It is a masterclass in giving a,… Read More »

A MasterClass in Speech Writing

You may need to listen a couple of times to see past the delivery to the brilliantly written content. Related Posts How To Make a Dreaded Cold Call The Ultimate TED Talk Should I Answer the Question?

Making the Most of a Potential Advertising Disaster

The nice people at Licor Beirao spent good money on an advertising board at Wembley stadium, making the most of their home country Portugal playing England in a warm up for the Euro2016 tournament. They got rather more exposure than they bargained for when Portugal’s Bruno Alves lost his head, almost taking England striker Harry Kane’s with him. Their… Read More »

Would Your Organisation Survive Photoshopping?

After the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January this year, world leaders gathered to march in support of freedom of speech.  One small Israeli news sheet, HaMevaser, opted to Photoshop out the female leaders in its photo of the scene to avoid offending its readers. It was initially hard to tell, but close inspection showed some really shoddy digital… Read More »

How A Complex City Gets Built

Detroit started life as a fur trapping town on the edge of the river on the Great Lakes.  Farms grew up around it, so when more people came to live there expansion along old trading routes wasn’t always easy.  This delightful old film explains the mess of roads in the city as city planners fought with land owners to… Read More »

Believe Only Half Of What You See

We don’t often post music videos, but when we do they’re of a Hungarian pop star, Boggie, who would like you to see her as a regular person, not just a packaged product. Related Posts Why Family Is Bad For Business A World of Words How to Be a Billionaire, Without Leaving Home Swedish giant… Read More »

How Typical Are You?

The National Geographic pulled together an amazing array of statistics globally to produce a picture of the world in one person.  How close to typical are you?  How close will you be in 2030?   Related Posts Notice Board Translations Running a Creativity Session Giving Feedback To Unsuccessful Applicants So…You Would Call Yourself A Sales… Read More »